Frequently asked questions

Are the products washable? Yes, all of our products are designed to be able to go in the washing machine at a max. of 30 degrees Celsius. Including our musical products. Our silicone pacifier chains are easily washed with warm water and a little bit of soap. Please be aware, that the string gets wed and need a bit time to dry.

Are there any loose parts/how’s the product security for the baby? No there’s no loose parts on any of our products. We take great pride in that our products have the highest available security standard, to ensure maximum security for your child and piece of mind for you. Therefor we embroider the eyes and details, so there never is a loose part. Other than that, we have all of our products tested and approved. That’s we we can say, that all of our products are 100% baby friendly and lives up to the European rules for babygear and toys, giving us the CE mark.


Which products do you recommend for a newborn baby? All our products are 100% baby friendly and are therefor suitable from birth. By 100% baby friendly we mean:

  • All our products are machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius
  • There are no loose parts and all eyes are embroidered
  • Our soft toys and security blankets are produced in the best and most soft materials, that are compatible with a live with and baby without loosing it’s quality.
  • Alle products are tested and certified to maintain Danish and European safety standards for baby and kids products.


Do you have products for premature babies? You can count on us. Our Newborn Collection are specially designed for newborn babies and are very suitable for premature babies as well. Especially the security blanket in the Newborn Collection. We have designed it in a smaller size than our regular security blankets and with its little arms it is a perfect match for the smaller hand of a premature baby. The security blanket has knottles in the ends for cutteling and a silicone ring for the pacifier.


What do you recommend as a good babyshower /welcome home gift? For babyshowers and as a welcome home gift, we’re super excited for our Newborn Collection Giftbox. They contain our popular Newborn Bunny security blanket and the Newborn Bunny soft toy in size small. Other than this, we think it’s a musthave for all small kids to have a good rattle. Our rattles are in plush and 100% BPA free silicone and are ideal because of the light weight, easy to grib and because the ratteling stimulates both the hearing and the eyes with the cute expressions on the rattles.


My kid has one of your older products, is it possible to order one more? We always safes a few of our discontinued products, just in cases that a kids looses their favorite toy. If your missing anything, please write us an email on kontakt@myteddy.dk and we will check if we have your kids exact favorit in stock.


One of your products are sold out on the website. Will it come back again? If we still have it as an active product on the website, but is marked as sold out, the product WILL get back in stock at some point. If you want to know a more exact date, please write us an email at kontakt@myteddy.dk

If the producs are no longer on the website, it is discontinued. We might just have a few left, so you can try and contact us at kontakt@myteddy.dk then we will go look for it.


Can I come pick my order up at your address? Unfortunately not. We do not have ware house at our location, so this means it’s not possible to pick up your order at our address.


Where do you ship to: We will send you package to whole Europe, USA and Austalia. We will send your package via GLS. If it’s a very large package, we might use Fedex.


What does the shipping cost? The shipping price are based on your location, and will be calculated at the end of checkout. If you placed in Europe, we have free shipping, when you buy products for €99,- or more.


Which kind of payment do you accept? We accept these kinds of payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Maestro Card
  • Mobile Pay


Is it possible for me to cancel my order? We’re taking care of your order as fast as possible, but if you haven’t received any confirmation that it has been send, the it will be possible to change or annul the order. Thus this we be a urgent matter, we urge you to call us right away at +45 22 67 58 54.


There has been a mistake with my order. What do I do? We’re sorry that we’ve made a mistake. Please write us an email at kontakt@myteddy.dk and we’ll find a solution.


I’ve regretted my order, what can I do? If you regret your order, do not despair. We give you 30 days after receiving you package to return it. To be justified of the return, the product must be in the same condition as you received them. That means unused and with hangtags, labels still on and in it’s original packaging. We also need to see documentation for your purchase.

To handle the return, please write us an email at kontakt@myteddy.dk. If you inqury of return are accepted, we will send you a return label and an email with how and where to you can send the products. Packages send to us with no prior inquries of return, will not be accepted. The costs of the return will be on your behalf. You carry the risk of the package until we receive it. There for you must remember to keep you track and trace number.

We will notify you as soon as we have received and been through your return package. If we accept the returned items, the payment will automatically be refunded to the account you paied from in first place.

For other questions regarding return, you’re more than welcome to write us an email at kontakt@myteddy.dk

NB: Unfortunately, we’re not able to take sale items reduced with 30% or more in the price back.


I’m in love with you products and I would like to share it with others. Where can I do this. How lovely to hear. We’re always happy to receive cute stories and positive feedback on our mail. But your also very welcome to share your experience on Instagram and facebook. Please use the hashtag #myteddydk and @myteddydk

While you’re there, it would also be great if you would hit the follow button :D


I have a suggestion for your products or an idea for a new product. We’re alway excited to hear, what our customes think of our products. Suggestions and ideas will there fore be handled with gratitude. Please send them to us at kontakt@myteddy.dk and we will get back to you.


What can I do, if I want to collaborate with you an eg. An influencer or ambassador? How great that you want to become a part of the My Teddy family. Please send us an email at kontakt@myteddy.dk with some information about yourself, your baby (or kids) and why you want to collaborate with us.


I want to buy you products for my webshop and/or my physical shop. Good to hear, that you want to work with us. In this case, we’re going to need some information from you. Please find and fill out the form at this link: https://myteddyoriginal.dk/pages/wholesale

Once that’s done, we will get in touch with you as quick as possible.


I was not able to find the answers to my question. If your read your way all down to hear, and are still left with questions, please do not hesitate to write us an email at kontakt@myteddy.dk We will be happy to help you.