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Happy users of My Smart Baby Blanket

I had one for my son 2 years ago, and was super happy with it. I used it both in car seats and in the stroller.

Definitely do not think there is anything to change 

it is absolutely perfect. 

Pernille Boie Jall Lorenzen

I have used it for both my son and daughter. I use it in the car seat, so I don't have to put her in a lot of clothes when we go for a drive. I am SO happy with it! One of the best buys I have made, which has definitely been worth the money. 

Mette Wolf Eikelund

We have used My Smart Baby Blanket for our Vera who was born in October. It has been used extensively in the car seat (...) We love that the travel bag can be pulled up so far that you really protect the baby from wind and cold when you go to the car. Super cozy travel bag.

Sandra Höglund

There was plenty of room for her to move, but at the same time you could close it well. It was easy to install, no hassle with folds and the like. We have been really happy to use the blanket and used it for MANY months. 

Zenia Barbara

It works so well. The blanket kept Fauna warm on the stroller ride, she even fell asleep when we closed the push buttons. It's easy to open and close, and she can stick her feet out. We love it ! 

Lina Meisnow

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